Why not have coffee delivered to you regularly,
fresh from the roastery?

Most coffee you buy off a shelf is already stale. Taste the difference that freshly roasted coffee makes! Sign up for our regular coffee delivery and get freshly roasted, fairtrade & organic certified coffee delivered directly to your home or office within days of roasting.

Coffee is the most heavily sprayed food crop in the world. And thousands of coffee farmers struggle just to make ends meet.

Choosing fairtrade, organic coffees from Coffeecology is one of the easiest & best things you can do for farmers and for the environment.

Our coffees are eco-delivered in re-useable or returnable glass mason jars to keep packaging waste at an absolute minimum.

Choose Café Femenino and help women coffee farmers in Peru or select one of our Bird Friendly certified coffees that protect critical migratory habitat for birds (including Ontario songbirds). Or pick our Mexico/Ethiopia/Sumatra blend of Espresso Italiano for a rich, liquid dark chocolate taste.

You buy coffee anyway. Why not give it a try? You can cancel at any time.

To get started, go to the coffee page, choose a coffee from the catalogue and click 'add to regular delivery.' Do this for as many coffees as you’d like to add to your regular order. Once you're done selecting your coffees, go to your 'regular delivery cart' to check out and start receiving your regular deliveries from Coffeecology